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Neil's Web Pages! Welcome to My World!

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Motorcycles are the one passion throughout my life that has never wavered. Even though Ive never been able to afford a new bike yet, that has made things all the more interesting. Having to do more with less has led to all kinds of things.

Specifically, I will cover some of my favorite bikes, all of which I've owned in the past or currently, so I know what im talking about! The Kawasaki S-2 Triple, The mighty Kawasaki F-5 Enduro (The Bighorn) and my latest basket case: a 1993 KX 250! Ive owned somewhere around 20 bikes or so, some never even got off the ground, some I've ridden for years. Nearly all were aquired free, or for next to nothing. Ive become quite resourceful and I will share some tips, and some techniques. If there's anybody left in the world (besides me)who wants to know how to make an F-5 go faster, I can tell ya! (Or then, maybe I wont, 'cause I might see you on the track)

Choose from the links below. All of these will lead to my original content.Enjoy, and feel free to leave feed back or ask questions!

A NEW BIGHORN!Watch me build an F9

NEW:I take on a MODERN project bike! (KX)

The Story of My First Bighorn! Thanks Cameron!

My Brother Mike's Photo Page- Vintage MX!

The Pitbike Nationals!

My Honda XL200R

Here's a Page About My 1972 S-2 Triple!

All About My First! ...motorcycle that is!

Our Trip to Budd's Creek for the 2000 Nationals!

New! My Photo Gallery!

New!My Worst Wreck Ever!Could This be the End?

Personal Information - All About Me!

Here's My List of Favorite Links!



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