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My 1983 Honda XL200R

This bike had a long history in my neighborhood growing up. It was given to a friend of mine by his Sister's boyfriend. He used to ride it on th road, but after he gave it to my friend, we just beat it to death on the trails. I rode it way back then a good bit, as we always used to switch off at the trails. Then, after the engine blew up, my friend gave it to my friend Cameron, who was the one who gave me my first Bighorn. Cameron was going to fix it up for his girlfriend I believe. He tore the motor out, and had the head rebuilt, but that was as far as it got.  The bike sat under his porch for the next 10 years, as we all went our separate ways, and some of us stopped riding. After Cameron died, they were cleaning out his basement, and I refused to take part in the picking over of his belongings, but I did ask his wife about the old Honda. She wasnt even aware of its existance, and I explained where the bike had come from, and what kind of shape it was in. She said she wouldnt mind at all if I were to have it, and I gave her $50 for it anyway. I was without a bike at the time, since my old bighorn which Cameron gave me when I was 14 had been stolen about 6 months before his death. So, I rolled the chasis across the street to my house. A week later, Cameron's Brother came up with the tranny, and the new head. The cylinder wasnt found at first, and I ordered a top end from an ATC200 (the same engine) from a yard in Tennesse. About 2 weeks after I got the used parts, the original cylinder turned up. So, I chose the best of everything, and bought a new cam/bearing, new timing chain/guides etc..etc...Got it running like new. Cleaned up well also. It only had 1200 miles on it when I got it. I stripped the rest of the street crap off of it, and it was my primary ride for about 2 and 1/2 seasons. I am rather large for the 200, but the little motor pulled like a tractor! Reliable, and alot of fun in the woods! that is, until I broke my leg on it from hitting a tree! I used to bottom the suspension out over jumps,though.Whoosh..CLAK!!!...OUCH!!!  ohhh my knees.... Just about the time my leg was getting better, I sold the Honda to raise some cash for my new Bighorn. I loaded it up and drove about 12 miles to a large outdoor flea market. I got it out of the van, warmed the engine up, put the sign up,and within 10 minutes, I sold it to (no shit!) my neighbor...the one who would later give my my '93 KX basket case. He had dropped by the market early to see what was there, and I put the bike back in my van and drove it back home and wheeled it 3 doors up to him. What a trip. I will probably buy it back in a couple of years when it's dead again....<groan>,,,,Glad I built the motor well, 'cause if she gets sick I'll have to tend to her...not a problem, cause I owe the man for giving me the old KX.see my KX!
       Here she is in all her glory, about 3 months before I sold her to my neighbor.
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