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This page about- what else, ME! Also, my hobbies. That is to say, things I think are cool. (Hobbies, yeah right, I work and go to school all the time). This is dedicated to all things which do not suck!
I've been married for 10 years, and I have 4 children. What do I do for fun? I crank the radio and stay up all hours building and rebuilding whatever old and half worn out motorcycles I can afford at the time. (Now I have 2, a 1983 XL200 and a 1972 S2 Triple) It's fun to breathe the gas and exhaust fumes that arise from tuning your carbs in the middle of the night in a 15 by 10 corrugated metal shack! Thats a good time for me! Well, even better is riding!
Here you will find pics and stories about my bikes, as well as some links to some of my favorite sites, etc, etc....Like you care....heh heh....

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last updated: 07-15-00

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Neil H.

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