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The Bighorn

Ahhhh... I can still hear the growl that came out of the Torque Engineering expansion chamber after twisting the throttle. I can still feel the terror of when the sheer horsepower got the better of the rigid old frame, lifting the wheel off the ground when you'd least expect it. I can still remember blasting up hills in 3rd gear. I can still remember getting behind some yutz on a chainsaw and cracking the throttle while hitting the compression release and scaring the shit out of them. And yeah, I still remember how sore my knees would get after landing! Heh heh....

The guy who gave me the Bighorn passed away in 1999, about 6 months after the bike got stolen, which makes me want the thing back even more. The matter of the old F-5 even came up at his funeral. A bunch of his old racing buddies were standing around talking about how wicked it used to be. Then his brother told them all that I had had it, and their jaws dropped. I told them of the mean old Kaw's second life; how I took it from a crate of parts to it's former glory, and how it had just been stolen from me. It brought back alot of good memories, but also added to the sense that Cameron was really gone.
He was like a big brother to me and a friend of mine. We would spend all night in his basement, going over the bikes, and he would throw our bikes on a trailer and take us out to the trails. I learned most of what I know about tweaking extra horses out of old 2-strokes from him. The bitch of it was, I hadnt really talked to him in the last 10 years or so. Well, I guess Ive learned
a few lessons there: keep up with your old friends- you never know when they'll be gone. -And, lock up your shit tight, or you will lose it.

What follows is a page that I made a while back about my old Kaw, right after it got stolen. It takes a while to load, but there are some cool pics.

At the end of this page is a picture of Cameron, from around 1986 or so. He is sitting on his VMAX. His was the last model they made before they outlawed the bike
the first time, in '85. 10.3 second quarter mile from the factory!

Big Dog!
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