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Neil's Web Pages! Welcome to My World!

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I have not updated in quite a while, Facebook had made it so much easier to post stuff....Here is a link to my facebook page..(well its not a link, cut and paste it. My HTML is rusty.)

I plan to leave this site up as long as tripod leaves it here anyway...

When I was a kid, I would go and watch my older brother and his friends race motocross. That started what would become a lifetime love of motorcycles.

Specifically, I will cover some of my favorite bikes that Ive owned through the years, as well as whatever I may be working on these days. I currently race a 1975 Kawasaki KX400, an 81 YZ465 and a 1972 Kawasaki F9 in vintage class motocross, and Ive also got a 1972 Kawasaki S2 Triple. Ive owned somewhere around 20 bikes or so through the years. Some never even got off the ground, some I've ridden for years. Nearly all were aquired free, or for next to nothing. Ive become quite resourceful and I will share some tips, and some techniques. All my work is proudly ultra low budget. I do try to keep the duct tape down to a minimum though! I've also been doing alot of fishing and I will add a page about my boat.

Choose from the links below. All of these will lead to my original content.Enjoy, and feel free to leave feed back or ask questions!

I am finally updating again, its been about 5 years. I cant add anything to this site so the newer links will take you to another site where I will put all the new stuff. This page will remain as the "home" page for everything.

New 2012, A KX 420....almost

My Boat, 1985 Bayliner Capri

UPDATE 2012: Yamaha YZ465!

My 1972 S-2 Triple

1975 KX400 Racer!

2007 season racing log

Racing Log 2005!

Kawasaki 350 F9 Racer!

The Story of My First Bighorn! Thanks Cameron!

My Yamaha 400 Racer!

1993 KX250

Brother Mike's Old MX photos

1983 Honda XL200R

All About My First! ...motorcycle that is!

Our Trip to Budd's Creek for the 2000 Nationals!

My Worst Wreck Ever!

Here's My List of Favorite Links!